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Unify your payment infrastructure with NomuPay’s uP Platform

NomuPay's Unified Payments Platform (uP) provides a unified approach to omnichannel payment acceptance and payout disbursements through a single, modern API integration.

Why is now the time to unify?

Future-proofing against payment fragmentation

The demand for local payment method optionality – from consumers, merchants and distributors alike – is increasing, especially in areas of high ecommerce and cross-border growth like Southeast Asia, Europe and Turkey. With dozens of e-wallets and alternative payment methods already established in these regions (and more being added every year), organisations are faced with the seemingly impossible challenge of maintaining and managing countless technical integrations and vendor relationships. When it comes to fixing fragmentation at scale, NomuPay understands that now is the time to take a new, unified approach to payments.

Introducing NomuPay’s:

The uP (Unified Payments) Platform is purpose-built for expansion into regions that exhibit high payment fragmentation as well as consistent cross-border ecommerce growth, like Southeast Asia, Turkey and Europe. uP doesn’t just simplify your payment architecture, it helps you grow your addressable merchant and consumer base, while further future-proofing against continued fragmentation.


How we do it differently

The uP Platform handles payments intelligently

The uP Platform helps providers stay ahead of consumer and merchant demand through a proactive approach to payment management.
To accomplish this, our Unified Payments Platform employs three foundational elements:

Unified API

The uP Platform’s unified API for digital payments (the uP API) and single integration for unified in-store POS (uP POS) are designed to help reduce the technical and operational complexities of managing multiple integrations, vendors and partners.

See our integration approach >

Technology Stack

The uP Platform’s integrated technology stack can accommodate practically any payment use case, enabling optimized end-to-end payment administration, standalone acceptance or merchant-funded disbursements.

Learn about our stack >

Data Insights

Access enriched merchant, store, transaction, instrument, pricing and scheme data from all stages of the payment lifecycle to enhance your reporting, streamline reconciliation and improve your overarching data integrity.

Dive into our data lake >

An illustration of a phone screen with a Euro coin and a Turkish lira coin on it symbolizing a cross-border payout

Why choose NomuPay’s Unified Payments Platform?

We know local payments

Did you know that, according to the World Economic Forum, 60% of Southeast Asia’s population remains unbanked or underbanked? Or that Turkey receives more than a billion US dollars in international remittances every year? At NomuPay, we eat, sleep, and breathe local payment trends so you don’t have to. With direct local integrations and in-market licenses, you can trust that NomuPay understands every local nuance, regulation and operational requirement. 

Fragmented payment ecosystems shouldn’t prevent you from scaling into high-growth markets. Let NomuPay help.