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Unify your payment infrastructure with NomuPay’s uP Platform

NomuPay’s Unified Payments (uP) Platform unlocks local omnichannel payment acceptance and payout disbursements in Southeast Asia, Europe and Turkey through a single connection.

Now’s the time to unify

Future-proof against payment fragmentation

With dozens of alternative payment methods and cards already established in Southeast Asia, Europe and Turkey, organisations are faced with the seemingly impossible challenge of maintaining and managing countless technical integrations and vendor relationships. When it comes to fixing fragmentation at scale, NomuPay understands that now is the time to take a new, unified approach to payments.

Introducing NomuPay’s:

The Unified Payments (uP) Platform is purpose-built for expansion into regions that exhibit high payment fragmentation as well as consistent cross-border ecommerce growth. Don’t just solve for your payment needs today; future-proof your payment offering against continued fragmentation tomorrow.


We do things differently

Proactive payment management

The uP Platform helps organisations stay ahead of consumer and recipient demand through a proactive approach to payment management.


The uP Platform’s Unified Gateway enables robust payment acceptance and disbursement capabilities while the Unified Balance provides a sophisticated funds management hub for growth-minded merchants.


Integrate with our uP APIs to unlock NomuPay’s current (and future!) catalogue of multi-country and multi-method ecommerce acceptance and mass payout capabilities. Connect to uP POS to unify in-store payments and enable omnichannel acceptance.

Methods and reach

Offer more payment methods and capabilities, scale to more countries and attract a wider range of consumers, merchants, and/or recipients. The uP Platform can help you scale your operations across multiple demographics.

Reports and insights

Normalised data and intelligent reporting helps reduce reconciliation and treasury frustrations while future-thinking Data Insights enable your business identify trends and benchmarks.

The future is unified

Go local to expand your payment horizons

Did you know that, according to the World Economic Forum, 60% of Southeast Asia’s population remains unbanked or underbanked? Or that Turkey receives more than a billion US dollars in international remittances every year? At NomuPay, we eat, sleep, and breathe local payment trends so you don’t have to. With direct local integrations and in-market licenses, you can trust that NomuPay understands local nuances, regulations and operational requirements. 

An illustration of a phone screen with a Euro coin and a Turkish lira coin on it symbolizing a cross-border payout

Fragmented payment ecosystems shouldn’t prevent you from scaling into high-growth markets. Let NomuPay help.