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Unlock the benefits of a unified payments platform

NomuPay’s uP Platform unifies core payment components to provide a scalable, end-to-end solution.

Unified Gateway

Future-proofed unified payments technology

NomuPay’s uP Platform has been architected to enable multi-country, multi-channel and multi-method payment acceptance and disbursements. Using NomuPay’s innovative uP Gateway technology, the uP Platform can help your business streamline operations:

  • Across 40 (and growing!) countries in Southeast Asia, Europe and Turkey
  • To offer popular local acceptance and disbursement methods, including country-specific alternative payment options
  • End-to-end with omnichannel payment acceptance, payout disbursements and holistic treasury management

With the uP Gateway, NomuPay has been able to build a unified solution that helps our customers future-proof their payments against continued technological, market, method and data fragmentation.

Unified Balance

Improve your treasury management with unified payments technology

The uP Platform’s Unified Balance provides merchants with a robust money management system.

Just because you accept payments in Hong Kong dollars, doesn’t mean you need to keep it in that currency forever. Our Unified Balance technology makes it easy to track your available funds across multiple currencies using real-time foreign exchange calculations. This helps you manage your foreign exchange exposure and streamline your funds management. Funds can easily be withdrawn into your business bank account and/or used to fund payouts to your recipients – all in the currency or currencies you prefer.

An illustrated jar holds money and coins inside. There are two illustrated people on either side putting money into the jar.
The Unified Balance can be funded in 3 ways:

  • Through fund acquired via the uP Payments solution
  • Through funds acquired by third-party payment providers (partner integration required)
  • Directly from your existing bank account(s); purpose-built for stand-alone payout use cases

The Unified Balance provides a single centralised hub for collecting and managing the funds that power your business. Designed to increase visibility into your funds availability, the Unified Balance helps consolidate the need to manage multiple fragmented systems.

Provide your treasury team with a holistic view into cross-channel sales and available funds with the Unified Balance’s itemised omnichannel ledger. Keep your finger on the pulse of funding activities and streamline your reconciliation needs by accessing daily transaction and funding datasets. What’s more, now your treasury team will know down to the penny (or satang) what your funds availability is thanks to a transparent presentation of payment reserves.

An illustrated representation of a treasury ledger

Unified Reporting

Dig into data with intelligent reporting from NomuPay

Reduce reconciliation and treasury frustrations, while also improving data integrity with NomuPay’s unified payment technology and holistic approach to reporting data.  

uP Payments

Designed with payment service providers in mind, our standard uP Payments reports provide real-time access to a wealth of transaction and funding data via the uP Payments Reporting API. (Daily .CSV reports and webhook statuses also available).

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uP Payouts

Track funds through the uP Gateway’s disbursement engine all the way to your recipients’ preferred transfer method with daily Transaction and Payment Status reports. Available via .CSV file. (Payment statuses also available via webhook).

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uP Path

Increase transparency and visibility into your end-to-end payment operations; all uP Path solutions will be provisioned with unified reporting for all acceptance and disbursement activities performed on the uP Platform.

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Unify your payment technology across regions, channels, use cases and methods with the uP Platform.