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uP Payments: Future-proofed acceptance

Enable today’s preferred payment methods right now and offer tomorrow’s must-have methods in the future with NomuPay’s uP Payments solution.

Augment existing payment infrastructure

uP Payments is architected for expansion

Built with modern integrations for both in-store and ecommerce business models, the uP Payments solution has been engineered to enhance the offering of regional payment providers. Below are just a few of the organisations that are utilising the uP Platform to augment their payment acceptance capabilities.

Not a payment provider? NomuPay can solution a bespoke integration for enterprise merchants and marketplaces that have their own in-house payment infrastructure or, our team can help connect you with a gateway that’s already integrated to the uP Platform. Contact us with your unique payment acceptance requirements to learn more.

Simplified merchant onboarding

Fast and efficient merchant risk and underwriting for payment providers

The uP Payments Merchant Onboarding API is purpose-built for payment service providers that are looking to add additional capabilities, countries and payment methods to their existing payment infrastructure through a single integration.

  • Quickly onboard and underwrite hundreds of merchants via API.
  • Enable quick, secure and transparent merchant data and document sharing.
  • Maintain visibility into your onboarding pipeline with real-time merchant onboarding webhook status updates.
  • Expedite the technical onboarding of select merchant types with NomuPay’s Fast Track program.1

View Merchant Onboarding API documentation for more information.

Perfect your payment mix

Offer popular local payment methods

NomuPay’s diverse payment acceptance offering makes it easy for merchants to cater to the payment preferences of local consumers in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey and throughout Europe.

Here are just some of the methods available with uP Payments:2


  • Visa
  • Mastercard / Maestro
  • China Union Pay (UPI)
  • Troy

Alternative payment methods

  • GCash
  • GrabPay
  • DuitNow QR / Online
  • 7-Eleven
  • Carrier

…and many more.

View our uP Payment documentation to stay updated on available methods.

Omnichannel acceptance

Holistic cross-channel payment acceptance and reconciliation

The uP Payments solution can be configured to handle both ecommerce and multi-location in-store payments. All transactions facilitated through uP-enabled channels can be monitored and reconciled using NomuPay’s transparent reporting data (available via API or in standard .CSV reports).

Reduce development timelines with uP APIs

NomuPay’s modern uP APIs provide easy access to the uP Gateway’s acceptance technology. Integrate with the uP Platform using our REST APIs to access robust payment acceptance capabilities now and in the future.

The uP Payments ecommerce solution is designed to work seamlessly with any existing merchant gateway.

  • Modern REST APIs

    Predictable resource-oriented URLS

  • JSON data interchange

    JSON-encoded request bodies / returns JSON-encoded responses

  • Multiple countries

    Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Europe

  • Multiple payment types

    Card, e-wallets, over-the-counter, carrier billing and online banking

View the uP Payments documentation for more information on how to integrate using our REST APIs or contact NomuPay’s solutions team to learn more.

Future-proof your POS offering

Expand your service offering to include scalable in-store acceptance with the uP POS solution. Available in Southeast Asia, Visa and Mastercard supported (more countries and payment methods coming soon).

  • Hong Kong
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Thailand

NomuPay’s uP POS integration is compatible with most existing applications.

Need terminals? NomuPay can provide you with as many terminals as necessary, each coded with your logo on the terminal screen. Our terminals are available via a plug-and-go deployment or our servicing team can work with your checkout system provider to create a connected solution.  NomuPay’s terminals come with standard in-field servicing from our internal team of hardware experts and are ready to handle Visa and Mastercard payments out-of-the-box.

Have your own terminals? uP POS can be integrated with most standalone terminals or terminals that are connect with a cashier system.

In need of an in-store solution? Check out our uP POS integration checklist before contacting our team to learn more.

1Method availability differs by country/payment model.
2Restrictions apply.

Unify your payment acceptance systems with uP Payments.