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Localised solutions purpose-built for expansion

The uP Platform can be configured to solve payment acceptance, payout disbursement and end-to-end marketplace payment needs in Europe, Southeast Asia and Turkey.

uP Payments solution

Unify in-store and online payment acceptance for your merchants

Integrate with uP APIs to future-proof your online payment acceptance capabilities in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Turkey and Europe through a single integration. Looking for a unified in-store solution? Unlock omnichannel acceptance capabilities in Southeast Asia through the uP Platform’s uP POS integration.

Local omnichannel acceptance

Enable local ecommerce acceptance for cards and a growing list of alternative payment methods, including high-penetration e-wallets.

Looking for in-store capabilities? Our uP POS integration provides multi-country, multi-method coverage on modern terminals in Southeast Asia (more countries coming soon).

Intelligent merchant onboarding

Offer the uP Platform’s payment acceptance capabilities directly to new and existing merchants already using your services.

Available through APIs, our transparent merchant onboarding flow keeps the NomuPay name and brand behind-the-scenes to avoid creating unnecessary merchant confusion.

Rich data and transparent reporting

uP Payments reporting data can be accessed by APIs or .CSV file for all transactions that are processed through the uP Platform.

From ecommerce Maya transactions in the Philippines, to in-store Visa purchases in Hong Kong, we make it easy for you to serve up rich payment data within your existing merchant reporting dashboards.

The uP Payments solution has been purpose-built for payment providers looking to enhance and expand their existing merchant acquiring capabilities. Enterprise merchants and marketplaces are encouraged to contact us with their unique payment acceptance requirements.


uP Payouts solution

Send mass payments to individuals and businesses quickly and compliantly

Send local currency payments to recipients’ bank accounts and select alternative payment methods in Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and the Pacific Islands (Europe, Turkey and Hong Kong coming soon).

Intuitive integrations

Integrate with uP APIs for a future-proofed payout solution in Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands and Europe.

Easy recipient onboarding

Onboard recipients’ via API or batch. Don’t want the hassle? Recipients can onboard themselves with the Embedded Onboarding UI (coming soon).

F/X & ledger management

Improve your treasury management through the use of built-in foreign exchange and ledger management tools.

Stay compliant

Integrated anti-money laundering and sanction screenings reduce your risk exposure and help keep your payouts compliant.

The uP Payouts solution is facilitated by Nomu Pay Australia Pty Ltd.


uP Path solution

Unlock efficiencies on your marketplace with a unified, end-to-end payment solution

Combine the acceptance power of uP Payments with the disbursement reach of uP Payouts. The uP Path solution unlocks end-to-end payment management for marketplaces and platforms in various phases of growth. With uP Path, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all.  The uP Platform’s flexible architecture can accommodate:

  • Connected inbound and outbound payment workflows,
  • Marketplaces and platforms with in-store and online payment acceptance needs,
  • Split payouts (i.e., the ability to split the funds collected in a single transactions with multiple recipients and the marketplace), and
  • Multi-acquirer funding needs.

Contact our team to discuss your unique business model and payments use case(s).

Payment acceptance

Unlock the uP’s Platform’s robust payment acceptance technology, including or future-proofed approached to enabling new local payment methods in countries throughout Europe, Turkey and Southeast Asia.

Payout disbursements

Quickly issue local currency bank and e-wallet payouts from either your NomuPay acquired funds or integrated 3rd Party Payment Service Providers.

Streamlined integration

Integrate with NomuPay’s uP APIs to access robust pay-in and pay-out technology with the uP Platform’s unified capabilities.

Flexible money management

Streamline your treasury management across multiple currencies and funding sources using the uP Platform’s Unified Balance technology. This single, centralised hub helps increase visibility into funds availability, including a transparent understanding of payment reserves.

Unified reporting

Increase visibility into your end-to-end payment operations; uP Path solutions will be provisioned unified reporting for all acceptance and disbursement activities performed on the uP Platform.


1Availability varies by region.
2Method availability differs by country/payment model.
3Availability varies by payment method.
4Real-time availability is dependent on the payout method, country and financial network cut-off requirements. Where applicable, real-time payments will be available within 30 minutes of the payout transfer.

Start future-proofing your payments today with NomuPay.