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Send local mass payments quickly and securely

Whether you need standalone payout capabilities or an end-to-end acceptance and disbursement solution, NomuPay’s advanced mass payments technology can accommodate a wide range of workflows and use cases.

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Controlled payout experiences

Create an experience that fits the unique payouts needs of your organization

NomuPay’s payout technology provides payment service providers, large enterprises and marketplaces with intuitive UI implementations and turnkey execution. 

Direct disbursement

Drop-in UI

Standalone interface

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Real-time ready mass payments

Bringing faster payments to payees and sub-merchants in Europe, Southeast Asia and Turkey

Did you know that 61% of people in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore now prefer to make payments using RTP? As faster consumer transfers become the standard in high-growth markets, it’s no surprise that payees and sub-merchants are expecting the same need for speed when it comes to mass payments. That’s why, wherever possible, NomuPay utilizes real-time payments networks, ensuring the fastest possible facilitation of domestic and cross-border disbursements 

Flexible multi-currency funding

Fund payouts through inbound transactions or through direct funding

NomuPay’s multi-currency funding capabilities will be compatible with a wide variety of payment workflows. Settle acquired funds to your sub-merchants directly, or remove your marketplace from the flow of funds through the use of a designated multicurrency funding account. NomuPay can fund payouts in all major currencies as well as Thai baht, Malaysian ringgit, Hong Kong dollars, Philippine peso and Turkish lira.  

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Sub-merchant settlement

NomuPay will work with your platform to create a settlement flow that quickly and easily splits incoming transactions accepted via NomuPay’s acquiring engine. A portion of the funds will be settled to your organization’s specified account, while the remainder will be settled directly to a sub-merchant’s account.

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Configurable workflows

Require more flexibility when it comes to funding payouts? Easily settle funds acquired by NomuPay (and other PSPs) to a dedicated multi-currency funding account managed by NomuPay and remove your organization from the flow of funds. Looking for a payout solution that you can fund directly? NomuPay’s configurable payout workflows can easily accommodate practically any payout use case you can imagine.

Get early access to payouts

Send mass payments in Europe, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines

NomuPay is accepting trailblazing marketplaces and large enterprises with a need for scalable payout infrastructure into Europe, Southeast Asia and Turkey. Become a lighthouse customer and experience our unified approach to payouts, beginning with bulk bank payments and expanding into local APMs.
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