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uP Path: Your complete payment solution

Unlock the full potential of your platform with our unified pay in, payout solution - The easiest way to accept and distribute payments.

Take your platform to the next level

Manage payments

Track incoming and outgoing payments with ease via one platform.



Monetise every transaction that goes through your platform.

Expand globally

Access local payment methods and currencies to enter new markets.

Remain PCI compliant

Stay up to date with local regulations to keep every transaction secure.

Quick & simple onboarding

Get new merchants up and running in no time. Our onboarding API enables you to seamlessly and securely submit merchant documentation so they can start processing right away.

Accept payments globally

Enhance your payment offering by accepting local payment methods across different channels.

  • Your customers can take both online and in-store payments via POS terminals at multiple locations.
  • All transactions facilitated via uP-enabled channels can be monitored and reconciled utilising NomuPay’s real-time reports.
  • Offer an extensive range of alternative payment methods to make it easy for your merchants to cater to local preferences around the world, including Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Control the distribution of funds

Quickly and securely pay merchants in their local currency.

  • Transfer payments straight to the merchant’s account.
  • Merchants can benefit from a quick delivery of funds.
  • Distribute from a single balance to multiple recipients.
Two phones with an arrow between the two and a Hong Dollar coin, indicating money being transferred

Track & report all in one platform

Manage your end-to-end payments experience via a single platform.

  • Clear visibility of all transactions, in and out.
  • Consolidate your data for real-time reporting.
  • Easily manage all payments and currencies in one place.

Explore new markets

Expand internationally and offer your payment solution to merchants all over the world.

With access to local payment methods and a wide range of currencies, you can grow into regions throughout South East Asia and Europe, including:

  • Hong Kong
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Cyrpus
  • Monaco
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • France

Take and send payments quickly and securely with the uP Path solution.