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Streamline your integration efforts with uP APIs

Unlock the uP Platform's multi-faceted payment capabilities throughout Southeast Asia, Europe and Turkey with NomuPay’s Unified Platform APIs (uP APIs).

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Modern tooling for your development team

Leave legacy code in the past

NomuPay’s usage of comprehensive and modern REST APIs makes it easy to integrate with the uP Platform to accept and/or send payments in Southeast Asia, Europe and Turkey.1 Engineered from the ground up in 2021, NomuPay’s uP API endpoints are as fresh as they come, using JWS (JSON Web Signature) with asymmetric signatures as authentication mechanisms. Plus, we offer our customers off-the-shelf libraries, Postman collection, and dedicated technical integration support to help your development team work smarter, not harder.

Future-proof your approach to payments

NomuPay’s uP APIs can help you solve tomorrow’s payment needs today

The uP Platform is your all-access pass to payments in Southeast Asia, Europe and Turkey. Access end-to-end online payment acceptance and disbursement capabilities through our modern REST APIs in order to scale your payments infrastructure with ease.

Smart reporting

Access transaction, funding and disbursement reporting data for intuitive, multi-layered data management.

Broad reach

Payment acceptance in, and disbursements to, all 40+ of NomuPay’s countries and territories.1

Payment optionality

Dozens of preferred local pay-in and pay-out methods (more being added regularly).

Minimal maintenance

Modern REST API technology will help your development team reduce their ongoing maintenance requirements.

And the best part? As we add new countries, methods and capabilities, so too can you. When it comes to scalable capabilities, the uP Platform has you covered with developer-friendly REST APIs.

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Enable omnichannel acceptance

Unlock the uP Platform’s acceptance capabilities in-store with uP POS

Augment your payment service offering by providing multi-country, multi-method coverage in-store with NomuPay’s Unified Payments POS (uP POS) integration. Unlock the uP Platform’s robust acceptance offering on practically any terminal. All POS transactions facilitated through an uP POS-enabled machine are fully integrated into the uP Platform’s Unified Balance and Unified Reporting for streamlined reconciliation and optimised omnichannel treasury management. Looking for dependable terminals? NomuPay can provide your organisation with 1 or 100+ uP POS-enabled terminals.

1Not all capabilities are available via uP API across all countries. Please review documentation for availability.

Access unified payments infrastructure through NomuPay's uP APIs.