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uP Payouts: Send mass payments

Quickly and securely send payouts to recipients’ bank accounts and select APMs in Europe, Turkey, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands using uP APIs.

Send funds faster

Send mass payments to individual and business recipients

Don’t let delays stand in the way of your disbursements. NomuPay’s uP Payouts solution is engineered to take advantage of real-time1 bank and alternative payment networks whenever possible, ensuring the lightning-fast delivery of local payouts throughout Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands (Europe, Turkey and Hong Kong coming soon).

  • Bank transfers to Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia (Hong Kong, Europe, UK and Turkey coming soon)
  • E-wallets via GoPay, GCash, ShopeePay, Touch ‘n Go, Maya, GrabPay, TrueMoney, Vodafone, Digicel and more.2

View our transfer method documentation to stay updated on all available payout options.

Integration made easy

Perform payouts with uP APIs

NomuPay’s modern uP APIs make it easy for your development team to access the uP Gateway’s payout services. Onboard recipients and send payments with ease; NomuPay’s REST APIs help reduce development timelines and streamline your treasury management.

  • Modern REST APIs

    Intuitive interfaces and endpoints

  • Payouts to multiple countries and methods

    Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, Cook Islands (Europe, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom coming soon)

  • Increased visibility

    Keep your finger on the payment pulse with payment status tracking via webhook

View the uP Payouts documentation for more information on how to integrate using our REST APIs or contact NomuPay’s solutions team to learn more.

Optimise your operations with built-in tools

Decomplexify your disbursements with uP Payouts

Built-in AML and sanctions screenings

Reduce anti-money laundering (AML) risks and stay compliant with the uP Payouts solution integrated AML checks, politically exposed persons (PEP) reviews and scheduled sanctions screenings.

Competitive foreign exchange rates

Lock-in regularly updated F/X rates with our quote-and-book capabilities and ensure you have full visibility into transaction costs. Reduce F/X concerns even further with multi-currency funding options.3

Dynamic payout funding

Fund your Unified Balance direct from a bank account, or NomuPay can work with any 3rd Party Payment Service Provider to build an integrated funding solution that’s connected to your existing acquirer.


Embedded onboarding UI

Let recipients provide their personal details

If collecting and storing sensitive recipient information is putting an unnecessary strain on your internal operations, consider eliminating this requirement with the help of NomuPay’s Embedded Onboarding UI for the uP Payouts solution. Designed to be embedded into any web application, the Embedded Onboarding UI can be styled to suit your branding needs. And the best part? Data entered into this embedded UI is captured and sent directly to the uP Platform for secure processing, ensuring no sensitive information is ever stored on your application. Reduce your disbursement return rates and expand your offering, all without additional development lift.

Contact our solutioning team to learn how you can sign-up to be a beta tester for this new uP Payouts solution capabilities.

Virtual bank accounts

Enable cross-border transfers with virtual bank accounts

A multi-functional payout capability, virtual accounts can help your business by 1) automating reconciliation and funding for your disbursements and/or, 2) providing recipients with a multi-currency bank account transfer method. With NomuPay’s virtual bank accounts, you can give your recipients the ability to receive money in a range of local currencies, without the need to have a jurisdictional presence in the country. Recipients can then easily transfer these funds to any account they please including popular e-wallets. Quick and easy to implement, NomuPay’s Virtual Accounts are safeguarded and meet all local regulatory requirements.

Contact our solutioning team to learn how you can sign-up to be a beta tester for this new uP Payouts solution capability.

1Real-time availability is dependent on the payout method, country and financial network cut-off requirements. Where applicable, real-time payments will be available within 30 minutes of the payout transfer.
2Vodafone and Digicel available in Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, Cook Islands. Additional method availability differs by country.
3Currency restrictions apply. Not available in all countries.

Send payouts quickly and securely with the uP Payouts solution.