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Optimize your end-to-end reporting with rich payment data

Unlock additional value and identify useful trends using NomuPay’s Data Insights.

Coming 2024

Data doesn’t lie

Your merchants deserve better data

Reduce your reconciliation frustrations and improve data integrity with NomuPay’s unified approach to data insights. Built using our unique data enriching engine, the uP Platform combines multi data sources to help you reduce fees, improve conversion rates and uncover useful business trends.

uP Payments


Present detailed data to your merchants powered by our Unified Data Insights

Data is what drives us at NomuPay.

That’s why we’re making rich data access a cornerstone of the uP Platform. Designed with payment providers in mind, NomuPay currently offers standard reports loaded with rich transaction and funding data. Access this data today via the uP Payments Reporting API or through user-friendly daily .CSV reports. Overtime, the uP Platform will intelligently amass enough data to help your further refine your operations and provide detailed trends and analytics to your integrated merchants.

Merchant data

Includes data like:

  • Merchant name
  • Merchant ID
  • Merchant address
  • MCC codes
  • Acquirer country

Store data

Includes data like:

  • Store ID
  • Store name
  • Website URL
  • Store address
  • Store country

Transaction data

Includes data like:

  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Type
  • Status
  • Rejection code

Instrumentation data

Includes data like:

  • Payment method
  • Product type
  • Card brand
  • On us
  • Issuer country

Scheme and settlement data

Includes data like:

  • Transaction net amount
  • Transaction net currency
  • Settlement amount
  • Scheme fee amounts
  • Scheme fee currency

Pricing and fee data

Includes data like:

  • Interchange amount
  • Interchange currency
  • Tax type
  • Gross settlement amount
  • Net settlement amount

White labelled uP Administration Portal coming soon for payment providers and their merchants.


uP Payouts / uP Path

Optimise your disbursements and end-to-end payment workflow

Enable your merchants to make data-driven decisions with NomuPay’s Unified Data Insights.