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Scale across regions, use cases and demographics

Grow your business in ways you didn’t even know were possible with NomuPay’s unified approach to scaling payments.

Scale across regions

Access 40+ countries through 1 system integration

The uP Platform is purpose-built for expansion minded organisations in Southeast Asia, Europe and Turkey. Licensed and regulated for acceptance and disbursements in multiple countries, the uP Platform is designed to accelerate your global expansion efforts across 40+ countries through a single system integration. Operating in Hong Kong today, but know you’ll be scaling operations to Malaysia and Thailand in the future? NomuPay makes it easy to contract across one or more of our supported regions using a Unified Agreement. So, when the time comes, you won’t have to worry about administrative delays and paperwork slowing down your expansion efforts.

Tackle new opportunities

Offer new payment services or enable new payment use cases

From omnichannel payment acceptance in Malaysia, to payout disbursements in Thailand, the uP Platform can accommodate your current use case today and flex to support new opportunities as they evolve in the future. Are you a payment service provider that currently only offers ecommerce acceptance to merchants in Hong Kong, but wishes they could deploy in-store terminals as well? The uP Platform can help with that. Are you a Turkish ecommerce business with an entity in Europe? NomuPay can help you expand into new markets practically overnight.

A bicycle food delivery man stands next to a cafe counter loading orders w his delivery bag.

Attract new audiences

Provide consumers and recipients with their preferred payment methods

Does your payment platform provide the right mix of methods across your key geographies? If not, you could be causing your target consumer segments to shop elsewhere, or blocking entire demographics from being able to accept payouts from your platform. From cards to over-the-counter, e-wallets to online banking QR codes and direct carrier billing, NomuPay’s diverse payment acceptance offering helps businesses stay competitive in fast-growing consumer markets. What’s more, we’re committed to offering payment optionality on the disbursement side of our business, beginning with real-time1 bank transfers and select e-wallet integrations.

1Real-time availability is dependent on the payout method, country and financial network cut-off requirements.
Where applicable, real-time payments will be available within 30 minutes of the payout transfer.

Scale your business across regions, use cases and consumer/recipient demographics with the uP Platform.