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Unified payments.
That’s what’s uP.

The uP Platform by NomuPay unlocks local payment acceptance and payout disbursements in Southeast Asia, Europe and Turkey through a single system integration.

Are you ready to future-proof your payments?

Expand with ease using a unified payments approach to localisation

NomuPay’s uP Platform and unified payments approach helps expansion-minded organisations scale quickly and strategically. Expand intelligently by offering high-penetration alternative payment methods, real-time enabled payout disbursements and compliant, end-to-end marketplace funds management.

Solutions you can trust

Configurable unified payment solutions that adapt to your unique use case

Grow your addressable merchant and consumer base today, while also future-proofing your operations against continued fragmentation in regions that exhibit consistent local and cross-border growth.

Whether you’re looking to expand your payment acceptance capabilities, tackle a standalone payout use case, or streamline an end-to-end funds flow, NomuPay’s uP Platform has the solution you need to scale your operations.

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Join the unified payments movement

Make truly localised payments a key part of your competitive advantage

Join the growing list of organisations that are taking a unified payments approach.

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Support and documentation simplified

Modern organisations require modern APIs and a responsive platform

Start integrating with NomuPay’s unified payments (uP) APIs today. Our comprehensive documentation provides your developer team with everything they need to start accepting and sending payments quickly on our unified payment platform. Need help? Our technical integration team is ready and waiting to jump in and provide additional support whenever necessary.

Why NomuPay?

Global experience, local expertise

NomuPay’s executive team combines years of pioneering payout expertise with established acquiring and processing knowledge. Because when it comes to architecting a unified payment platform, it pays to have deep industry experience across all aspects of the payment lifecycle.

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Go global with local payment acceptance and payout disbursement solutions powered by NomuPay's Unified Payments Platform.