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Localised solutions purpose-built for expansion

NomuPay’s uP Platform can be configured to solve payment acceptance, payout disbursement and end-to-end marketplace payment management in high-growth regions.

uP Payments

Unified omnichannel payment acceptance for your merchants

Integrate with NomuPay’s uP Platform to future-proof your omnichannel payment acceptance capabilities in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.
(Turkey and Europe coming soon).

Payment method optionality

Here are just some of the payment methods available with uP Payments:

  • Cards: Visa, Mastercard and China UnionPay
  • Bank and wallet APMs: Paynet FPX / Duitnow, PayNet/DuitNow QR, Touch ‘N Go, ShopeePay, GrabPay, MAE, Boost, Maya and more!
  • Over-the-counter: 7-Eleven, ECPay, Cebuana

…and we’re constantly adding more! View NomuPay’s documentation for an up-to-date listing of available methods.

Offer POS with ease

  • No limit on the number of terminals
  • Terminals coded with your logo on-screen
  • Self-serve deployment is plug-and-go
  • Connected deployment can be enabled with your checkout system provider
  • In-field servicing is standard from NomuPay’s internal hardware team
  • Acceptance Visa and Mastercard in HK, MY, PH, TH (APMs coming soon)

uP POS for third-party terminals and SoftPOS (Coming 2023)

Easy merchant onboarding

Available through API, our transparent merchant onboarding flow keeps the NomuPay brand behind-the-scenes to avoid creating merchant confusion.

Rich payment data

NomuPay’s unified data insights can be accessed by API for all transactions that are processed through the uP Platform’s Payment solution.


uP Payments: Use cases

See how NomuPay’s uP Payments solution can help your organization

The problem

Integrating with multiple gateways or payment methods separately can be arduous, often resulting in a long list of ongoing maintenance and management issues. Independent sales organizations (ISOs) are constantly looking for ways to reduce these long-term requirements, bypassing gateways to access processing power directly.

The uP Platform solution

NomuPay’s exposed technology makes it easy for Independent Sales Organizations to provide their merchants with an expanding range of local payment methods without integrating to yet another acquirer. Purpose-built for commerce in Southeast Asia and Turkey, NomuPay also provides ISO’s with rich transaction data, a huge value-add for their merchant base.

A photo of a customer tapping their smartphone on a point-of-sale machine
The problem

Hotels of all sizes are getting savvy when it comes to automating their payment needs. In order to stand out from other management systems, growth-focused hotel integrators need to ensure their payment platform provides a variety of payment options for all types of guests. Card processing can get hotels only so far; they’re hungry for alternative payment methods, ewallets, and in some cases also buy-now-pay later solutions at checkout.

The uP Platform solution

Create additional value for your properties by integrating popular local payment options directly into your property management platform. Serve up detailed transaction data directly to your properties to further improve administration efficiencies and improve operations.

A photo of a bellhop bell on a counter at a hotel

uP Payouts

Send mass payments to individuals and businesses quickly and compliantly

Send local currency payments to recipients in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Bulk upload

Quickly issue local currency bank payouts using a simple, normalized bulk upload (API and alternative payment methods coming 2023)

Multi-currency funding

Fund payouts in USD, EUR, GBP, AUS, HKD, THB and/or PHP via a designated multi-currency funding account

Fast delivery

NomuPay’s payout network is built on real-time payment networks wherever possible to ensure the fastest delivery possible

Direct disbursement

Skip the UI and send mass payments directly to your recipients’ bank accounts (drop-in UI and standalone interface coming 2023)

Note: The uP Payouts solution is facilitated by Nomu Pay Australia Pty Ltd.


uP Payouts: Use cases

See how NomuPay’s uP Payouts solution can improve disbursements at your organization

The problem

Ensuring top-notch distribution of commission payments is vital for direct selling organizations. Flexible payout solutions prove critical for building brand awareness and attracting new recruits to the business.

The uP Platform solution

Tackle your commission disbursement needs with a single integration to NomuPay’s unified payment network. Ensure fast and affordable disbursements to your distributors, sellers, and independent contractors. Attract and retain an independent salesforce across attractive new markets, including regions of high growth in Southeast Asia, all while lowering your foreign exchange exposure and investigating new revenue streams.

A photo of a woman standing at a table showing merchandise to a group of women sitting on a couch.
The problem

Finding a reliable payments provider that can both accept and – more importantly – disburse local currency payments in real-time, is tough, especially in Southeast Asia. Payroll and AP platforms need to be able to deliver payments fast, at the same time keeping end-user FX or cross-border exposure to a minimum.

The uP Platform solution

NomuPay’s platform makes it easy to integrate and deliver local mass payments in Southeast Asia (Asia Pacific coming soon). With our rich transaction data, you always know when payments get delivered and exactly how much will be received upon delivery. Furthermore, we are expanding our payout solution beyond bank accounts and improving access to popular e-wallets and local cash collection methods.

A photo of a man signing paperwork with a calculator next to him

uP Path

Unlock efficiencies on your marketplace with a unified, end-to-end payment solution

Easily accept consumer payments and send seller payouts to bank accounts in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines through a single, streamlined platform.

Singular API

Integrate with NomuPay’s uP API to access robust pay-in technology today; API endpoints for payout facilitation coming early 2023, no additional integration required. Payouts facilitated by batch file at this time.

Payment acceptance

Unlock the uP’s Platform’s robust payment acceptance technology, including or future-proofed approached to enabling new local payment methods.

Payout disbursement

Quickly issue local currency bank payments (HKD, THB, MYR, PHP) from your NomuPay acquired funds.

Flexible money management

Streamline your treasury management across multiple currencies using the uP Platform’s Unified Balance technology. This single, centralised hub helps increase visibility into funds availability, while our funds management tool provides a transparent understanding of payment reserves.

Dig into data

Simplify your reconciliation process and improve your data integrity monitoring by accessing enriched payment data (which combines gateway, processor, scheme and bank data) through our Unified Data Insights and reporting API endpoints.


uP Path: Use cases

See how the uP Path solution can improve your marketplace payments

The problem

Established marketplaces require flexible, complimentary payment solutions. Complicated business models and global regulatory requirements often result in multi-acquirer setups and complex payout workflow requirements. Finding providers that can augment existing infrastructure with minimal integration requirements and regionally-specific capabilities is key to reduce friction and accelerate expansion efforts.

The uP Platform solution

Enhance your existing payment stack with NomuPay’s gateway-agnostic acquiring capabilities in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Turkey. Our uP API integration makes accessing local payment methods quick and easy, while our flexible payment workflows put you in control of settlement requirements and payout disbursements. NomuPay will also work with your marketplace’s existing acquirers to architect a solution that supports your expansion efforts today and into the future.

A photo of a man standing in a warehouse with a tablet doing inventory
The problem

Digital ticketing and booking platforms have the unique challenge of accepting payments for future services. This unique nuance can cause a cascading number of issues concerning refunds, chargebacks, and host/vendor payouts. Customers expect quick and easy bookings and cancelations, while hosts and vendors need to have increased visibility, and in many cases, early access to their rental or booking earnings. Failure to provide a seamless experience on both sides can have a devastating impact on a platform’s ability to stay competitive.

The uP Platform solution

Improve the transparency, flexibility, and efficiency of your digital booking platform’s payment infrastructure with uP Path’s end-to-end technology. Easily onboard hosts, tour operators, property managers, and/or ticketing agents and provide them with access to rich transaction data designed to improve their operational insights. Custom-build your payment workflow to reduce unnecessary foreign exchange flips and unlock access to earnings faster.

A woman is holding a tablet. On the screen is a house hunting application that shows various flags on a map of properties available for rent.
The problem

Fast-growth on-demand platforms need to stay nimble and competitive. This means that real-time and/or same-day payouts are practically a requirement for their growing fleet of workers, while consumers demand the fast and easy acceptance of popular local payment times at checkout. In order to scale successfully, these platforms need seamless, elegant solutions that promote their platform’s brand and ensure optimum workflow efficiencies.

The uP Platform solution

Enter Southeast Asia and Turkey with a fully localized approach thanks to NomuPay’s expansion-ready payment technology. Our modern, Unified API makes integrating a breeze, opening up access to a wide range of local payment methods, including APMs and e-wallets. Improve your worker retention rates by customizing your payout experience to accommodate local expectations within a flexible drop-in UI (coming soon).

A bicycle food delivery man stands next to a cafe counter loading orders into his delivery bag.

Start future-proofing your payments today with NomuPay.