A unified payment system purpose-built for expansion

One integration, one contract, unlimited growth potential. Accept and send payments in Thailand and easily expand into Europe, Southeast Asia and Turkey with NomuPay

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Network of networks

Access a growing end-to-end payment system

NomuPay’s unified payment system is constantly evolving to provide our customers with comprehensive end-to-end payment capabilities in Thailand and beyond.

Unified payment system

Enhance your existing payment infrastructure

Whether you plan to expand your payment acceptance capabilities, or streamline your payouts, NomuPay’s unified payment system has the solution you need to scale.

Offer popular payment options

Flexible payment acceptance

Enter high-growth markets with ease

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Local payouts delivered fast

Unlock the potential of payouts in high-growth regions

Did you know that, according to the World Economic Forum, 60% of Southeast Asia’s population remains unbanked or underbanked? Or that Turkey receives more than a billion US dollars in international remittances every year? At NomuPay, we’re architecting flexible payout infrastructure that’s capable of accommodating these regional disbursement nuances both today and in the future. 

Integrate with ease

Reduce developer integration timelines with our modern API

A singular integration means your developer team can enable capabilities with little to no additional effort 

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Accept payments

Why connect with a gateway when you can integrate directly to NomuPay’s payment stack through a single, comprehensive REST API? Access in-demand payment methods including APMs and over-the-counter solutions without having to worry about ongoing gateway maintenance or additional integration requirements.  

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Send payouts

Do more than simply send money. NomuPay’s payout engine is designed to help you reduce operational complexities, streamline your treasury management, and scale your business. Today, NomuPay can facilitate payouts throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, and Turkey using a simple batch file. REST API calls coming soon. 

Fragmented payment ecosystems shouldn’t prevent you from scaling into high-growth markets. Let NomuPay help.