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Enable scale with our unified payments technology stack

NomuPay has fully unified our technology stack's core components to accommodate a wide range of payment use cases.

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An large, illustrated globe is in the background. In the foreground there are eight hands each holding a different payment method

Unified payments technology: Acceptance

Localise your payment acceptance methods

Increase conversions by providing buyers with the local payment methods they prefer. Accept cards, bank alternative payment methods, ewallets, installment payment plans and buy-now-pay-later options online through a single integration. Unlock similar payment coverage in-store with our uP POS integration.

  • 20+ local payment methods (and growing!) catering to the European, Turkish and Southeast Asian markets
  • Domestic acquiring across 40 countries and territories
  • 133 transaction currencies
  • Dynamic currency conversion-enabled POS technology

Unified payments technology: Unified Balance

Improve your treasury management

The Unified Balance is the secret weapon at the heart of the uP Platform. A robust money management system, the Unified Balance enables:

Just because you accept payments in Hong Kong dollars, doesn’t mean you need to keep it in that currency forever. Our Unified Balance technology makes it easy to track your available funds across multiple currencies using real-time foreign exchange calculations. This helps you manage your F/X exposure and streamline your funds management. Funds can easily be withdrawn into your corporate bank account and/or used to fund payouts to your suppliers – all in the currency or currencies you prefer.

An illustrated jar holds money and coins inside. There are two illustrated people on either side putting money into the jar.
Easily fund your Unified Balance with:

  • Funds acquired through NomuPay’s acceptance technology
  • Funds acquired through third-party payment providers (partner integration required)
  • Direct from your existing bank accounts; purpose-built for stand-alone payout use cases

The Unified Balance provides a single, centralized hub for collecting and managing the funds that power your business.

Designed to increase visibility into your funds availability, the Unified Balance helps consolidate the need to manage multiple fragmented systems.

Provide your treasury team with a holistic view into cross-channel sales thanks to itemized omnichannel ledger for transactions facilitated through the uP Platform. See which transactions have been settled and funding into your Unified Balance today (as well as what is expected to settle on a future date), along with any applicable fees. What’s more, now your treasury team will know down to the penny (or satang) what your funds availability is thanks to a transparent presentation of payment reserves.

An illustrated representation of a treasury ledger

Unified payments technology: Disbursements

Send money to businesses and individuals with ease

The uP Platform has been engineered to handle both stand-alone disbursement use cases and integrated, end-to-end marketplace payouts. Send acquired funds to your recipients directly, or remove your marketplace from the flow of funds through the use of a designated multi-currency funding account and the uP Platforms Unified Balance.

Intelligent instrumentation

Embed functionality

Generate revenue

Modern companies require unified payments technology.