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Accept and send payments through a single API integration

With NomuPay’s Unified Payments API (uP API) you can onboard new merchants, expand to new countries in Southeast Asia, Europe and Turkey, and enable new functionality with minimal incremental development.

An illustrated computer screen with illustrated developer code on the screen

Modern tooling for your dev team

Leave legacy code in the past

NomuPay’s comprehensive and modern REST API makes it easy to integrate with the uP Platform. Engineered from the ground up in 2021, the uP API is as fresh as they come, using JWS (JSON Web Signature) with asymmetric signatures as authentication mechanisms. Plus, we offer off-the-shelf libraries and Postman collection to help your development team work smarter, not harder.

One unified API to rule them all

Build for your future payment needs, today

We’ve built a platform that can help your business grow, both today and tomorrow. With our uP API, clients integrate with the uP Platform once to access our robust end-to-end payment capabilities now and in the future.  

Payment optionality

Dozens of high-penetration local pay-in and pay-out methods (more being added regularly)

Broad reach

Payment acceptance in, and disbursements to, all 40+ of NomuPay’s countries and territories

Smart reporting

NomuPay’s Unified Data Insights engine harmonizes rich payment data for multi-layered reporting

Improved treasury

A single, Unified Balance for nuanced, multi-currency treasury and ledger management

And the best part? As we add new countries, methods, and capabilities, so too will you – no additional integration required. Integrate today to access the uP Platform’s acceptance capabilities in Malaysia, and we’ll be able to easily help you enable payouts to Hong Kong next quarter.

One-and-done; that’s the benefit of NomuPay’s Unified Payments API.


Get merchants' up and generating revenue fast

Onboard more merchants to your services by offering a streamlined and transparent onboarding experience. NomuPay’s progressive, frictionless and intuitive onboarding process is designed to provide increased visibility, while at the same time reducing operational inefficiencies and maintaining the necessary levels of compliance oversight.

  • Unlock efficiencies

    Easily share previously collected information and documentation from your merchant using our onboarding API endpoints.

  • Easy value-add access

    Allow merchants to enable new countries, payment methods, and products without having to resubmit previously verified information.

  • Increase your visibility

    Maintain oversight of your onboarding pipeline by enabling real-time merchant onboarding status updates via webhook or API.

An illustration of a screen with onboarding documents and and ID in it. There is a security lock n the forefront
A photo of a line of point-of-service terminals on a counter.

Introducing NomuPay’s Unified Payments POS (uP POS)

Unlock true omnichannel coverage

Merchants throughout Southeast Asia are tired of managing multiple countertop terminals. Augment your service offering by providing multi-country, multi-method coverage in-store via a Unified Payments POS (uP POS) solution. Accessible via a single integration, our uP POS makes it easy for your service to unlock NomuPay’s payment acceptance network on any terminal, include SoftPOS system. And the best part? All uP POS transactions are fully integrated with the uP Platform’s Unified Balance and Unified Data Insights for streamlined reconciliation and optimized omnichannel reporting visibility.

Looking for dependable terminals? NomuPay can provide your organization with one or 100+ uP POS-enabled terminals.

Take advantage of NomuPay’s one-and-done integration mentality through the uP Platform’s Unified Payments API.