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Offer easy multi-currency payment acceptance

NomuPay’s payment acceptance technology makes it easy for organizations to expand their existing online and in-store payment options to quickly scale throughout Europe, Southeast Asia and Turkey.

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Accept local payment methods

Increase conversions by providing buyers with the local payment methods they prefer

Accept cards, bank and e-wallets, high penetration alternative payment methods (APMs), instalment payment plans, and preferred buy-now-pay-later options online, all through a single integration. 

In-store retail and ecommerce payment acceptance

Offer payments whenever and wherever your buyers are ready to transact

The payments ecosystem in high-growth markets can be complicated. Make sure your retail and ecommerce capabilities make it easy to reconcile and accommodate purchases across all of your commerce offerings. 

POS terminals that fit your needs

Easy ecommerce connections

Offer additional channels

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Remove payment complexity

Enable global growth with local payments

NomuPay simplifies local payment acceptance complexities by providing businesses with a unified solution purposebuilt for successfully scaling in markets that are traditionally considered to be fragmented. 

  • 20+ local payment methods
  • Domestic acquiring across 40+ countries and territories  
  • 133+ transaction currencies 
  • Local currencies settlement (multi-currency settlement coming late 2022)  
  • Detailed transaction data including interchange, scheme fees and FX rates

Fast merchant onboarding

Merchants can get up and running within 5 business days*

Digital onboarding takes the guesswork out of getting started with NomuPay, while fast settlement helps merchants with cashflow management. 

An illustration of a screen with onboarding documents and and ID in it. There is a security lock n the forefront

Onboard with ease

NomuPay’s multi-level merchant structure and API-driven onboarding makes it easy for marketplaces and payment service providers to setup and underwrite numerous merchants via a single connection and contract. 

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Enable capabilities fast

NomuPay’s single integration philosophy makes it easy for merchants to access new capabilities as they come online. Whether it’s enabling a new alternative payment method or accepting an additional currency type, accessing any new functionality has limited integration requirements.

*Onboarding timeline depends on availability of required documentation and the merchant’s timely response to follow-up inquiries.

Enable an all-commerce payment acceptance strategy today.
Ask NomuPay how.