Unlock an omnichannel payment system and let buyers pay their way

In-store, online, and on-the-go, NomuPay offers modern retail and ecommerce payment gateway solutions for mid-sized businesses in the Philippines.

Unify in-store and online omnichannel payment systems

Remove administrative complexity and grow your business across channels

Increase conversions in-store, over-the-phone, and online by enabling consumers to pay using their preferred local payment types. NomuPay’s retail and ecommerce payment gateway system for businesses in the Philippines makes it easy to accept payments using a range of local alternative payment methods, credit and debit cards, buy-now-pay-later solutions and instalment payment plans.

Get up and running fast

Ecommerce plugins and QR code solutions

POS and virtual terminals

*Onboarding timeline depends on availability of required documentation and the merchant’s timely response to follow-up inquiries.

Computer screen showing an illustrated representation of the NomuPay unified reporting dashboard

Payment gateway services

User-friendly reporting and backoffice tools

Monitor and manage daily transaction summaries across all of your omnichannel payments with ease. Reconcile purchases quick and efficiently, removing opportunities for human error.

  • Friendly support for your business

    Use our Merchant Service Portal to raise issues, track support tickets and connect with our in-market support agents.

  • Fast settlement

    Improve cashflow at your business with fast local currency settlement (multi-currency settlement coming soon).

  • Flexible connections

    Easy plugins and developer-friendly APIs provide shopkeepers with seamless ecommerce checkout solutions.

Local retail and ecommerce use cases

Provide sellers with access to a growing variety of payment methods through a single integration

The problem

Being able to accept a wide range of payment types in-store often requires retail establishments to maintain multiple point-of-sale terminals. Shuffling through multiple terminals creates confusion for shopkeepers, not to mention make closing time a long and arduous process. 

The NomuPay solution

Reduce countertop clutter at your retail establishment with a unified point-of-sale terminal designed to accept cards, installment payments, and e-wallet purchases through proprietary regional bank connections in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Manage multiple acquires through a single, compact point-of-sale solution. This helps to reduce transaction times and increase shopkeeper productivity by alleviating end-of-shift reconciliation requirements. 

The problem

Southeast Asia has one of the fastest growing ecommerce markets in the world, with online sales expected to cross the $100 billion mark in 2023, according to Emarketer. Keeping up with this demand for quick and easy online purchasing – both from an established online store and across social channels – is fast becoming a foundational requirement for online retailers of all sizes.

The NomuPay solution

NomuPay is available through 15 easy-to-integrate ecommerce cart solutions, including Magento and PrestaShop. Once integrated, your online store will be able to accept cards, e-wallets, installment payment plans, and popular buy-now-pay-later options through NomuPay’s payment gateway. Looking to ramp up your sales efforts via social media and online product features? QR codes can be embedded into web pages to help expand your sales reach.

The problem

Managing multiple physical storefronts and numerous online purchasing channels can create an overwhelming amount of reporting and reconciliation issues for your business. Consolidating daily transaction summaries, payment advice reports, transaction authorizations, and point-of-sale logs takes time, effort, and is prone to human error when done manually. 

The NomuPay solution

Easily access your accepted omnichannel payments (both online and offline). Review detailed ecommerce reports or download and combine online and in-store reports to review the health of your business from a holistic perspective. Our ecommerce merchant management systems include a virtual terminal designed to make it easy to initiate refunds, pre-authorize payments, and store repeat customer information for faster, safer recurring transactions.

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