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Help your merchants scale into new markets with a unified payment approach

NomuPay’s gateway-agnostic technology makes it easy to expand local payment options for merchants in the traditionally fragmented markets of Southeast Asia and Turkey.

Supercharge your merchant payment services

NomuPay offers payment service providers a unified regional payment networks in Europe, Southeast Asia and Turkey through a single integration

Support your merchants’ growth efforts by enabling a wide range of local payment acceptance methods – including local APMs, buy-now-pay-later providers, and e-wallets across Europe, Southeast Asia and Turkey – through a single integration. Our intelligent multi-level merchant structure simplifies merchant setup and includes a fully white-labelled digital onboarding and underwriting process.

Detailed transaction data

Smart payment routing

Multi-currency management

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Robust API integrations

Customize your integration with our developer-friendly resources

NomuPay’s modern and secure API offers a simple, yet powerful integration to a growing number of local payment methods. Get access to Europe, Southeast Asia and Turkey without having to deal with the hassle of managing and maintaining connections with yet another gateway.

  • Planet Payment partnership

    Already integrated with Planet Payment? Expand your merchant payment services overnight with our pre-built connection to Planet’s processing engine.*

  • Comprehensive documentation

    Equip your development team for a quick and painless integration process. NomuPay’s API documentation is available for review online.

  • Flexible pricing engine

    Support merchants and maximize your margins. Revenue sharing and volume-based pricing offered.

*For card processing only. APM, buy-now-pay-later, and installment payment access requires integration to NomuPay’s API.

Payment service provider use cases

Avoid integration overwhelm and take a unified approach with NomuPay

The problem

Integrating with multiple gateways or payment methods separately can be arduous, often resulting in a long list of ongoing maintenance and management issues. Independent sales organizations (ISOs) are constantly looking for ways to reduce these long-term requirements, bypassing gateways to access processing power directly.

The NomuPay solution

NomuPay’s exposed technology makes it easy for Independent Sales Organizations to provide their merchants with an expanding range of local payment methods without integrating to yet another acquirer. Purpose-built for commerce in Southeast Asia and Turkey, NomuPay also provides ISO’s with rich transaction data, a huge value-add for their merchant base.

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The problem

Hotels of all sizes are getting savvy when it comes to automating their payment needs. In order to stand out from other management systems, growth-focused hotel integrators need to ensure their payment platform provides a variety of payment options for all types of guests. Card processing can get hotels only so far; they’re hungry for alternative payment methods, e-wallets, and in some cases also buy-now-pay later solutions at checkout.

The NomuPay solution

Create additional value for your properties by integrating popular local payment options directly into your property management platform. Serve up detailed transaction data directly to your properties to further improve administration efficiencies and improve operations.

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The problem

Finding a reliable payments provider that can both accept and – more importantly – disburse local currency payments in real-time, is tough, especially in Southeast Asia and Turkey. Payroll and AP platforms need to be able to deliver payments fast, at the same time keeping end-user FX or cross-border exposure to a minimum.

The NomuPay solution

NomuPay’s platform makes it easy to integrate and deliver local payments in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Turkey. With our rich transaction data, you always know when payments get delivered and exactly how much will be received upon delivery. Furthermore, we are expanding our payout solution beyond bank accounts and improving access to popular e-wallets and local cash collection methods. 

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Reduce complexities at your organization and provide your merchants with top quality payment services thanks to NomuPay.