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Accept payments and send payouts with ease on your two-sided platform

NomuPay’s marketplace payment capabilities make it easy for growth-focused marketplaces and platforms to facilitate purchases and payouts in Europe, Southeast Asia and Turkey.

One integration, unlimited growth potential

Scale your two-sided marketplace across borders with local payment expertise

Ready to take your marketplace global? Start by focusing on local payment solutions. Local acquiring, local alternative payment methods and local payout capabilities are critical when it comes to scaling your operations into high-growth markets like Southeast Asia and Turkey. Partner with NomuPay to access an expanding catalogue of local marketplace payment capabilities in Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines all through a single integration.

Developer-first technology

Multi-currency treasury

Faster payouts, multiple methods

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Purpose-built for platforms

NomuPay’s scalable cloud-based payout technology provides end-to-end payment visibility

NomuPay’s payout platform is architected to handle the unique payment workflow needs of global marketplaces and platform. Remove your platform from the flow of funds with a designated multi-currency funding account or settle monies acquired by NomuPay (or other acquirers) to your sub-merchant with ease.

  • Accelerate onboarding

    Get merchants set-up faster through a fully digital white-labeled onboarding flow. A simple, single bi-party contract helps reduce complicated paperwork, while our multi-hierarchy merchant structure enables scalable infrastructure.

  • Regional compliance and protections

    Manage risk on your platform with automated transaction monitoring, integrated anti-money laundering protections, and region-specific compliance controls. Utilize rich transaction data to monitor chargebacks and fraudulent transactions.

Marketplace and platform use cases

Enable flexible marketplace payment capabilities that can scale based on your needs

The problem

Established marketplaces require flexible, complimentary payment solutions. Complicated business models and global regulatory requirements often result in multi-acquirer setups and complex payout workflow requirements. Finding providers that can augment existing infrastructure with minimal integration requirements and regionally-specific capabilities is key to reduce friction and accelerate expansion efforts.

The NomuPay solution

Enhance your existing payment stack with NomuPay’s gateway-agnostic acquiring capabilities in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Turkey. Our modern API integration makes access local payment methods quick and easy, while our flexible payment workflows put you in control of settlement requirements and payout disbursements. NomuPay will also work with your marketplace’s existing acquirers to architect a solution that supports your expansion efforts today and into the future.

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The problem

Digital ticketing and booking platforms have the unique challenge of accepting payments for future services. This unique nuance can cause a cascading number of issues concerning refunds, chargebacks, and host/vendor payouts. Customers expect quick and easy bookings and cancelations, while hosts and vendors need to have increased visibility, and in many cases, early access to their rental or booking earnings. Failure to provide a seamless experience on both sides can have a devastating impact on a platform’s ability to stay competitive.

The NomuPay solution

mprove the transparency, flexibility, and efficiency of your digital booking platform’s payment infrastructure with NomuPay’s end-to-end technology. Easily onboard hosts, tour operators, property managers, and/or ticketing agents and provide them with access to rich transaction data designed to improve their operational insights. Custom-build your payment workflow to reduce unnecessary foreign exchange flips and unlock access to earnings faster.

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The problem

Fast-growth on-demand platforms need to stay nimble and competitive. This means that real-time and/or same-day payouts are practically a requirement for their growing fleet of workers, while consumers demand the fast and easy acceptance of popular local payment times at checkout. In order to scale successfully, these platforms need seamless, elegant solutions that promote their platform’s brand and ensure optimum workflow efficiencies.

The NomuPay solution

Enter Southeast Asia and Turkey with a fully localized approach thanks to NomuPay’s expansion-ready payment technology. Our modern API makes integrating a breeze, opening up access to a wide range of local payment methods, including APMs and e-wallets. Improve your worker retention rates by customizing your payout experience to accommodate local expectations within a white-labelled experience (coming soon).

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Make it easier to sell and get paid on your marketplace or platform. Build a smarter end-to-end marketplace payments solution with NomuPay.